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Monday, September 11, 2006


I went to this large mall tonight with some friends on a mission (sorry I can’t tell you whay it is). Anyway, we stoped at the Caribou inside the mail atrium. I ordered a wild berry smoothie with extra whipped cream, cuase I don’t like coffee. I decided to go pick out a table. There was this lovely real tree with a large table and chairs. It was very clean in this mall… until I looked up! The trees had accumulated so much dust that it almost looked like spider webs, not that I have anything against spider webs. Talk about dust mite heaven! Anyone who has allergies better stay away from this tree. One of the guys said he was going to so shake the tree and see what happened. I’m sure glad he was joking. We all decided not to sit under the trees. Funny though the rest of the mall was spotless. Funny how some things go unnoticed. I find it even harder to believe that they pay people to maintain the plants. Todays challenge is to see how many other places have the same issue and write a funny but informative story for SlashDot.

Have fun and always look up!

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