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Sunday, October 8, 2006


It was a lovely evening, the air was cool with a subtitle breeze that moved the crisp leaves on the ground. As I walked out of the building my eyes quickly acclaimated to the darkness. The sky was bright with a full harvest moon that lit the landscape with a soft gray hue. As I approached the old tree the brittle leaves beneath my feet crunched and cracked. I realize fall was here and the colder weather would bring winter soon. As my cloak blew gently in the wind I hurried to fasten the buttons. My long hair blew against my palor white skin as I pulled up my hood. I looked up into the sky. Such a peaceful, beautiful evening. I sat beneath the tree to reflect on the wonderful summer and our bountiful harvest and how I looked forward to the winter and all the celebrations. The air was quite chilly now and the ground became colder underneath me as I started back to the build from where I came. As I approached the doorway I turned around to take one last look at the bountiful harvest moon that had shared it’s radiating light on a perfect gothic evening.

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