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Monday, December 15, 2008


Since 1983 there is a gathering by the cast and crew of the original Dark Shadows soap opera that used to air on ABC. It’s a great time where you can get autographs, have dinner with the stars, watch performances and of course by Dark shadows merchandise.
Jonathan Frid (Barnabus Collins, Vampire) who played the vampire on the Dark Shadows Series showed up last year for a crowd of 700 people. The banquet is usually $50 and you get a autographed picture of Barnaby. The 3 course meal with door prizes and performances sounds like a lot of fun.
I sent an email off to the people in charge of the festival to ask when the next dark shadows festival be. I’ll keep you posted. Keep watching the website for updates.

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Friday, December 5, 2008


From 1966 to 1971 there was a Gothic series (soap Opera) called Dark Shadows. It started out as a long train ride to visit a mysterious mansion and shortly added Ghosts, werewolves, zoombies, monsters, witches and warlocks. Dark Shadows became very popular after the first appearance of Barnaby Collins the 175 year old Vampire. Barnaby Collins became one of the regulars on the show due to the characters rising popularity.
Barnaby Collins caught Johnny Depps eye at an early age so much that Depp purchased the rights to the series last year. Teaming up with Warner Bros. and Tim Burton they are scheduling to start working on a remake of Dark Shadows in London England this summer.
I can’t wait for them to start work on their new Gothic movie. If you guys hear anything new on this please let me know.
Thanks, Gemolis

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