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Friday, May 8, 2009

Gothic Garden Flowers and Gothic Plants

gargoyle statue perfect for a gothic garden

gargoyle statue perfect for a gothic garden

Spring is here once more; I cant wait to plant my gothic garden. I’ve grown many gothic plants over the years but some of the plants that are available now really highlight my gothic graveyard garden. I look for flowers that are dark, almost black but with rich texture like velvet. It is amazing how many varieties of black flowers I have found. I also have lots of vines because they can cover fences and other bare areas of my garden.

Here is an article on how to design a gothic garden Gothic Gardening Styles

Here are some of my favorite dark gothic flowers and plants I’ve found, click on the links to see the pictures:

Black Angel Trumpet Datura-Gothic 10 Seeds


Black Nemophilia 50 Seeds/Seed – Gothic

King of the Blacks Carnation 50 Seeds -Dianthus

Bowles Black Viola 60 Seeds

Arabian Nights Hollyhock – 15 Seeds

To make a dramatic backdrop I have several gothic statues and sculptures as well as a gothic trellis in my gothic garden. When the fall comes they keep my garden looking good. If you buy statues for outdoor use they withstand frost and the freezing temperatures of winter. To give my statues and art gallery look some of my garden statues like my gargoyles are put on pedestals made of rock, stone or brick.

Here are some of the gothic garden art I have collected:

Gothic Medieval Statue European Gargoyle
Gothic grim reaper statue death tombstone sculpture New

Boden Gargoyle Sentinel Sculpture

Gothic Pot Trellis


For gothic outdoor furniture I have a black outdoor iron biestro set with a couple of random iron chairs painted black. I also scatter random pillar candles which make my gothic garden a great place to hang out on a summer night.

I hope some of these ideas have inspired you to grow your own gothic garden too. Good luck with your gothic garden.


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Friday, May 8, 2009

Gothic Places win Jobs for Melborne Australia

The city of Melbourne was picked for a upcoming horror movie site because of the cities gothic places. “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” is a muti-million dollar film being filmed this summer in Australia which will create 500 new jobs. This comes at a very good time for the city of Melbourne who could use the boon to boost it’s economy. The film staring Katie Holmes is scheduled to be released in 2011.

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