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Hot Gothic Guy & Hot Gothic Girl Contest

Jessica - Lady Demona

Jessica - Lady Demona
Photos by Jessica - Lady Demona

Jessica -Lady Demona
Photos by Jessica - Lady Demona

I have been a goth for 16 years. I generally am the only goth in my city. Allot of tips and designs and the common I honestly don't pay attention to. I am an artist as well and I frequently experiment that creativity on my face. I can't afford the expensive make up but i will give a list of What I do and have used in the past for those if you choose to post it that are like me and can't afford the most extravagant of make up. I can't say why I love goth or being a goth so much because it has always been something that came natural to me like a craving or desire. I choose who I am and don't let anyone tell me I'm wrong for it. I use the following or a variation of:

Maybelline Expert Wear: Velvet Black Eye Liner
Cover Girl Quad Eye Shadow : White Black Grey Red
Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara: Black
Hot Topic lipstick: Ruby Wine
Or I use my Eye liner as a lipstick for the black since my daughter decided to doodle with my black lipstick that I did have on her dolls and herself! haven't found the one I liked since and can't for the life of me remember where I got that one.

Jessica - Lady Demona

Photos by Jessica - Lady Demona
Photos by Jessica - Lady Demona

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